Xact, introduce the new Paper Ultrabag by World leaders Giro.  The finished pack has a traditional and vintage look with an excellent paper finish and a fresh and ecological feel.  Get this totally different and fresh new look with ‘Girfilm’ paper using the Girbagger UB65, UB60 and UB50 machines.  The new style is suitable for the full range of fruit and vegetables.

Advantages of the Paper Ultrabag:

  • Very attractive – stands out on display
  • Different
  • Great printed surface to communicate
  • No need to modify or add any kit to the Girbagger
  • A plastic handle can be added. (Use a printed handle with designs based on the paper finish (e.g. a handle with a rope visual effect))
  • The maximum weight is slightly less compared to a 100% plastic packing

For further information on the Eact 100 please call Xact on 0151 479 3020 or email info@xactpack.co.uk

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